Medical & Surgical Services

We provide all aspects of the care encompassed by the specialty of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery: treatment of head and neck cancers, facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, otology, diseases of the oral cavity, nose and paranasal sinuses, pediatric otolaryngology, and snoring / sleep apnea.

Allergy Testing – We offer a range of allergy testing including scratch testing. Home therapy treatment is available to patients that are good candidates.

Ears – ear aches, outer and middle ear infections, ear tubes for children and adults, repair of eardrums, hearing loss, hearing screening, sudden hearing loss, cholesteatoma, middle ear surgery & bone anchored hearing aids.

Mouth/Throat – tongue-tie (ankyloglossia), sore throat, tonsillitis, enlarged tonsils, pediatric sleep disordered breathing, enlarged adenoids, grinding teeth (temporomandibular joint disorder) & snoring. We can provide in-office frenectomy for newborns with feeding problems due to tongue tie.

Facial plastic and reconstructive surgery – straightening the nose (rhinoplasty), Moh’s surgery for reconstruction after skin cancer removal, eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) & facelift (rhytidectomy).

Sinus / Rhinology – treatment for allergic rhinitis and sinusitis, straightening the septum (septoplasty), sinus surgery, balloon sinuplasty & image-guided sinus surgery.

Head and Neck cancers – we can arrange comprehensive care for tumors of the head and neck: mouth cancer, throat cancer & laryngeal cancer (cancer of the voice box).

Thyroid / Parathyroid disorders – we perform thyroid and parathyroid surgery with interoperative nerve monitoring.

We also have an overnight sleep center and provide innovative procedures for sleep apnea. For your convenience, we have a complete audiology division, which includes audiology testing & special testing. Our doctors and audiologists care for both adults and children.

We take pride in being able to provide you with new and innovative procedures for diagnosis and treatment, including transnasal esophagoscopy, balloon sinuplasty and bone anchored hearing aids (Cochlear BAHA and Sophono).