General Office Policies

Billing Information

Drs. Hauck, Bianchi & Driscoll, P.A., Musgrove Ear, Nose & Throat, ASC and the Hospitals accept most major insurance plans. It is important to understand that your insurance company will be billed separately by the following professional services:

  • Physician
  • Facility (hospital or surgery center)
  • Anesthesia (if indicated)
  • Laboratory (if indicated)

Your insurance policy may require co-pays and/or deductibles that may apply to one or more of the services provided for your procedure. Please be aware that you may receive multiple “Explanation of Benefits” and bills from each provider.

Insurance companies will NOT guarantee payment when we call for authorization. However, you will be notified if they do not authorize the procedure or require it to be performed at a different location.

Each insurance policy provides different benefits. Please call your insurance company for explanations specific to your individual policy.

Basic Policy

Payment for services is due in full at the time the service is provided in our office. There will be a $50.00 fee for missed appointments and a $25.00 fee for returned checks.

For Patients with Insurance

We bill most insurance carriers for you if proper paperwork and valid insurance card is provided to us prior to service. We will also bill most secondary insurance companies for you. Copayments and deductibles are due at the time of service. Since your agreement with your insurance carrier is a private one, we do not routinely research why an insurance carrier has not paid or why it paid less than anticipated for care. If an insurance carrier has not paid within 60 days of billing, professional fees are due and payable in full from you.

Medicare Patients

We will bill Medicare for you and will also bill most secondary insurances for you. All co-payments and deductibles are due and payable at the time service is provided.

Surgery Fees

All copays, deductibles and payments for non-covered surgical procedures are due prior to your surgery. Prior authorization may be required by your carrier. Additionally, there is a $150.00 fee to re-schedule surgical procedures.

Non-Covered Services

Any care not paid for by your existing insurance coverage will require payment in full at the time services are provided or upon notice of insurance claim denial.

Winter Weather

In the case of inclement weather, please do not come to the office until you have verified our status. We will update the general greeting on our main phone line 301.989.2300 by 7:00 am if our office hours must be changed. It is important to us to maintain the safety of our patients and staff.